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When is a Root Canal in Columbia Necessary?

November 7, 2016

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Learn more about when a root canal in Columbia is necessary.It can start off as the slightest twinge when you eat or drink hot or cold food or beverages, but no big deal if it goes away quickly, right? Then all of a sudden you find yourself with a more persistent ache, but it still goes away with Ibuprofen, so no worries, right? The next thing you know, your tooth is waking you up in the middle of the night with a full-blown toothache! When is a root canal in Columbia necessary?

Root Canal Therapy

When your tooth is injured, infected, or decayed into the nerve, root canal therapy may necessary in order to preserve your tooth. It can begin with sensitivity, or perhaps be caused by an accident or injury, but the important thing to note is that root canal therapy will not only save your tooth, it will also relieve your pain.

Root canals get a bad rap in dentistry as being painful, but it’s actually your injury or infection causing the pain. A root canal relieves your pain by removing the infected nerve tissue from inside your tooth so it can heal. If an infected root is left untreated, you will eventually lose your tooth, so please don’t wait thinking this pain will go away on its own.

Be Proactive

If your tooth begins to feel sensitive, it’s best to contact your dentist for an appointment right away. You may be able to prevent an infection with a more simple treatment like a dental filling. At Beck Dental Care, our doctors believe that prevention is the key to maintaining optimum oral health, and we want to help you avoid painful situations such as a dental infection from happening in the first place.

Our doctors screen you for issues like tooth decay at every checkup appointment so we can detect these conditions in their earliest stages. So please don’t wait until your tooth is waking you up at night, we encourage you to be proactive and call us if you notice sensitivity.

Beck Dental Care has been providing high quality dental care to patients for over forty years. If you should find yourself in need of root canal therapy in Columbia, you can rest assured that you’re in the hands of seasoned professionals when you choose to work with Dr. Beck and Dr. Hart. We even offer options for sedation dentistry for our patients who suffer from dental fear or anxiety, so please don’t hesitate to call us if you’re feeling dental pain or sensitivity. We look forward to getting you comfortable and back on the path to wellness again.

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