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Top Reasons to Visit a Sedation Dentist in Columbia

September 12, 2016

Anxiety stops people from getting necessary dental work.  Learn how sedation dentist  in Columbia, Dr. Victor Beck, calms fears.Dr. Victor Beck and his associate dentist, Dr. Matt Hart, want their patients to have relaxed dental visits. Some individuals need real help getting to the dentist to receive the care they need without being afraid. Your sedation dentists in Columbia use oral conscious sedation and intravenous (IV) sedation to ease anxious people through their treatments comfortably and safely.

Dental Phobia

Phobia definitely describes the anxiety people have over going to the dentist. The reasons for this anxiety range from past bad experiences with other dental practices to embarrassment about the condition of their teeth to dislike of needles and instruments, such as drills. Inability to sit still in the dental chair, claustrophobia, tooth sensitivity and strenuous gag reflexes add to the list of worries.

Your Columbia sedation dentists have seen just about every fear scenario,  and they approach frightened patients with empathy and a tolerant attitude. The professional staff at Beck Dental Care really understands and work compassionately with patients so they feel at ease.

Types of Dental Sedation

When a fearful individual comes to Beck Dental Care, he or she can expect a warm, friendly welcome. Dr. Beck or Dr. Hart discuss the patient’s sedation options as part of his or her treatment plan. The doctor helps the individual choose what medication best suits their needs. Besides local anesthesia, or injection to control discomfort, the dentists offer:

  • Oral sedation Taken at home before the dental appointment, oral sedatives are tranquilizers in pill form. Halcion, Ativan, Versed and Valium are commonly prescribed medications. Patients frequently drift off to sleep during their dental procedures after they take oral sedatives, and while they can be easily awakened and respond to verbal commands, they must get a ride home from a friend or loved one. They may have no memory of getting their dental treatments. This sedation works well for patients needing multiple procedures or who have physical limitations (such as back pain) which limits their ability to stay still in the dental chair for extended periods.
  • IV conscious sedation The dentist delivers this type of medication through a needle in the arm. He fully monitors the patient’s vital signs (blood pressure, breathing and heart rate) and level of consciousness. The doctor varies the dosage up or down as necessary. Patients frequently go to sleep and wake up with their dental treatments complete. They need to be driven home and may experience some amnesia about their dental visits.

Are You Afraid of the Dentist?

Studies show that up to to 15 percent of American adults are to one extent or another. There is hope, however. Contact Beck Dental Care to arrange a sedation dentistry consultation. You will receive gentle and precise care from professionals that understand. They can help you really enjoy a healthy smile.

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