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Straighter Teeth, Faster? Try Six Month Smiles in Columbia

August 25, 2016

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six month smiles in columbiaMore adults are getting braces than ever these days. Why the increase in popularity? It’s not that people are eager to wear metal brackets and wires for two or more years. Adult braces are booming thanks to a better variety of options that make braces less of a thing. Like Six Month Smiles, the short term orthodontic treatment that can have you smiling more confidently in just half a year. Intrigued? We thought you might be. Beck Dental Care offers Six Month Smiles in Columbia.

Straighter Teeth Faster Than Ever

If you had braces as a teen but failed to wear your retainer as recommended, you have probably been disheartened to see your teeth have shifted back to their original position. Maybe it’s just couple of gapped or crowded teeth in the front of your mouth — even minor orthodontic imperfections can really affect the way you feel about your smile.

When it’s just your front teeth that need straightening, there’s really no need to wear traditional orthodontia for months and months. Six Month Smiles gives you the quick results you want by focusing on repositioning the teeth that show when you smile. The results are noticeable — and noticeably better. In addition to a treatment time that’s far faster than traditional braces, Six Month Smiles uses clear brackets and tooth-colored wires.

To set you up with the Six Month Smiles treatment, your dentist examines your bite using digital imaging. With this information, we put together your unique treatment plan. This information is then sent to a separate dental lab, where your braces are constructed. You will return to our office once they are ready. We’ll expertly place the subtle brackets and wires and give you instructions for their care throughout your treatment.

Dental Hygiene With Braces

Even though it may not be as easy to clean your teeth with braces, brushing and flossing are just as important as ever when you’re wearing Six Month Smiles. We will talk you through how to brush and floss and monitor your hygiene in follow-up appointments. You should brush above and below the brackets, angling down to clean between the braces and the teeth. Then brush the braces themselves. Next, you will need to floss between each of your teeth. We will give you special flossers to make cleaning between your teeth easier.

Because your treatment is finished far faster than with traditional braces, it won’t be long before you’re back to your normal dental hygiene routine. That’s a significant benefit of Six Month Smiles.

Are You a Candidate for Six Month Smiles?

Please get in touch with our office if you would like to discuss your candidacy for accelerated orthodontic treatment with Six Month Smiles. It’s a great option for patients who only have minor misalignments that affect the aesthetics of their smile. People with serious overbites, underbites, or crossbites may be better served by traditional orthodontics. Our team can discuss your treatment options and help you understand which braces in Columbia are best for you and your smile. Schedule your appointment today!

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